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Authentic Reproductions

Authentic Reproductions



The products made by these vendors are among the most authentic on the market, according to various sources, but they are generally more expensive than standard sutlers. You will have to decide how authentic you want to be.


Andrew Keehan  Authentic shelter halves and men’s accessories hand-made by a club member.

C.J. Daley Historical Reproductions  Offering a selcect line of high quality authentic uniforms and equipment on an in-stock only basis.

Camp Randall Quartermaster  (John Wedeward)  Museum-grade sack coats.  Does not maintain a stock; custom orders only.

Carter & Jasper Mercantile  Purveyors of quality civilian menswear, also carry a variety of useful accessories, including blankets, knit goods, and tinware.2014-09-26_Our Ladies (2) Now stocking military goods by Joe Blunt including caps, blouses, trousers and accoutrements.

Civil War Muskets   Site for the work of John Zimmerman of Harper’s Ferry. He is a leader in improving weapon authenticity and the site is worth a visit to see how your own weapon may be improved or to pick up yet another one.

Claude Sinclair  Highly recommended Federal Oil Blanket (ground cloth).

County Cloth  Veteran reenactor Charlie Childs weaves the most authentic period fabrics available. If you want to make your own uniforms, this is the place to start.

Duvall Leatherworks  Nick Duvall makes very nice, high quality accoutrements. Full sets availale at a discounted price.

E.J. Thomas Mercantile  Offering a variety of clothing and equipment, including shirts and blouses.

Mattimore Harness  Boots and brogans.

Missouri Boot & Shoe Co.  These are some of the highest quality reproduction boots and shoes in the business. We also recommend their line of authentic, yet affordable, accoutrements.

N.J. Sekela Historic Clothiers  One of the most meticulous makers of high quality, accurate reproductions. Highly recommended J.T. Martin Contract Fatigue Blouse sets the standard for sack coats. Lincoln private purchase McDowell visor forage cap and leather goods are also excellent.Young Rebels

Robert Land Footwear  Historically accurate footwear of all kinds.  One of the hobby’s best known names.

S&S Sutler of Gettysburg  Top quality uniforms, headwear and accoutrements from respected makers, including Jodi Nolan and Jim Warehime.

Stony Brook Co. (Chris Sullivan)Highly recommended Deering contract, Schuylkill Arsenal, and officer’s private purchase trousers.

The Superior Cap Co. (Mike Stiles)  Handmade McDowell visor forage caps priced lower than those from other quality makers.

TP&H Trading Company – Hats by Tim Bender  Tim Bender makes some of the nicest felt hats in the field and has been well respected in his business for many years.

Village Tinsmithing Works  Anything tin. Village is a reliable source for everything from cups to cookpots to candle lanterns.

Wambaugh, White, & Co.  Currently the best source for high quality uniforms and kits, so you can make your own.

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