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Civil War Reenactment Units

This page is dedicated to helping you find Civil War reenactment units in your area. You can click on your state or the adjacent state/s to find units in your general area.

Most of the unit lists that I have seen give the regimental units by the states in which they were formed.  However, today many reenactors live in states that weren’t even territories at the time, or they want to be in a Confederate unit while living in a northern state, or vice versa.  Thus I have endeavored to list units where they say most of their members live, as this also helps with carpooling to drills and events.

For the novice, this will help you contact local Civil War reenactors, get more information, and “jine up.”

10th Michigan Infantry

10th Michigan Infantry

For the veteran or officers, it will help you to link to other units in your region for camaraderie and to enlarge your event participation.

Most reenactment groups have a primary impression that they usually do, such as Union or Confederate.  However, since some states had units that fought on both sides of the war, causing some confusion when just seeing unit names, I shall use “[U]” and “[C]” to differentiate between units doing primarily Union or Confederate impressions.  Many units will “switch sides” for certain events if there are not enough primary units of the opposition in attendance.  The officers in your unit will inform you of this.  A few units may do about an even split between Union and Confederate impressions and will get both “[U]” and “[C]”.

It is my desire to make this a comprehensive, yet current, resource for every active reenactment unit.  For some of the units below I could not find a current website or contact info, so I’m not sure if they are still active.  If you have that info, please leave it as a comment or on the Contact Me page.  If you know of one that is not listed or a link that needs to be updated, please contact me and give me the proper information.

Because of the size of this page, I have had to break this into multiple pages. Please click on your state or adjacent state in the links below.





Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut

Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa

Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana640px-South_Mountain_re-enactors_MD1

Nebraska, Nevada, New England Area, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota

Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas

U.S. Colored Troops, U.S. Regulars, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Wyoming

Union & Confederate Units at Brigade, Division, Corps, or Army Organization Levels, Regional & National Organizations









  1. Just to let you know there is a 53rd VA Co. H. reenactor unit

    Thanks Dane

    • Thanks Dane for the info. I have added the 53rd to the Reenactment Units page under VA. I assume this is correct because I didn’t see any other states listed from which your present reenactors hail. You have a nice website and I hope I can help you with your membership. Let me know about any big events you are going to this year.

  2. Organisation 27th Virginia C.s.a. company M /Montréal Canada

    • That’s great Pierre. Do you have a website for your unit that I can list on my Reenactment Units page? How many are in the unit? How long have you been active? What events are you participating in?

  3. internet.grays and bleu montreal Canada, unit with major 22 menbers completed history on the net latess battle was Cedar Creek Virginia.

  4. Hello, Just to inform everyone, their is the 11th Pennsylvania Reserves Infantry Co. F ( 40th PVI) located in Brownsville Pa. has been in a unit since 2010

  5. Now that I have just retired from Philadelphia Police Department, I am interested in getting back into CW reentacting. I was a member of an artillery unit 15 years ago, but I am now unable to be directly on the firing line. I am seeking a support position either within a unit, or an independent civil war support unit, in the Philadelphia area. I have tried to find a provost marshal unit that existed about 15 years ago, which would be perfect for me. Unfortunately, I have been unable to determine if this unit still exists. If anyone can suggest a unit for me, I would appreciate it.


    Bob Heffner

    • Hi Bob and thanks for the visit and the question. If you will go to my page and scroll down to Delaware, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania, you will see units that probably have members in your area. Look at there websites, select 2-3 that look interesting, go to their Contact page, and call or email them with the information that you just gave me. I’m sure that you’ll find at least one unit that would love to have you join in your area.

  6. Hello, e

    I live in the Tidewater Region of Va and was wondering if there is any Cavalry units in this area? I was also curious if you have to have your own horse or is there a place you can lease one for different events? Just starting out doing this and very excited for info on what there is in my area. Thank you in advance.

    • Hi Liesel and welcome to this site. I looked at my Reenactment units page, scrolled down to Virginia, and I found two potential cavalry units. Go to the page and click on the 13th Virginia Cavalry, Co. I and also the 2nd US Cavalry Co. A. Both have members in VA and CSA units. Check out their websites, contact their recruiting officers for more info, then choose one you like and have fun!

    • Hi there we have a few cavalry. I ride with 1st Maryland. Based out of northern maryland. We have two va groups we ride with the 10 va and 13th email me and i can get you in contact

      • Hi Ruth,

        Could you give me precise website URLs or Facebook pages for each of these units? I will be happy to list them on my units page.

  7. My kids and I (7 and 5 years old) have attended events and have our civilian impressions from Gettysburg sutlers. We are located in NY, but were wondering if you knew of any Confederate units that might want civilians in a support role for Gettysburg 2015.

    • Robert, I’m sure that any reenactment group would be delighted to have you and your children join them. Anyone can show up at an event in period dress and just walk around. But if you want to be a part of a group, make some new friends and get included in some of the things the unit impressionists are doing, I would suggest that you consider finding a unit and joining up as a family so your can have more fun.

  8. warren mcguffin

    I am looking for info on the 5th Virginia regiment Stonewall Brigade. I am hoping there is a reenactment group.

    My gGrand Father was a soldier in that brigade and received a confederate pension for injuries at Spottsylvania. I am not sure what company he was in. His Name is the same as mine John Warren McGuffin. I also have his musket that he carried in battle.

  9. I have been in reenacting for some time. Currently am a regimental surgeon.

    I have been looking to start an Irish unit. Are there any units of the 1st Va company E out there? By the way great page.

    • Thanks Ray for the kind words. I am not aware of a 1st VA Co. E, but I’ll post your question and maybe someone else will know if the unit exits. Otherwise, start the unit yourself. You mentioned starting an Irish unit and I must ask if there are any already in your area, which you didn’t mention?

  10. I am currently researching the unique and ever present role the American Civil War in general, with special emphasis on the Gettysburg Battlefield, plays in the American psyche. To this end, I, along with my students, are beginning the process of compiling as many oral histories about the importance of Gettysburg Battlefield for Americans (and those outside America) of all walks of life. Reenactors and living historians play a major role in Civil War education and would love to speak with as many of your members who would like to discuss the importance of Civil War reenactment and/or the Battle of Gettysburg. This may be done in person, over the phone, internet, or social media. If you or any of your members are interested and have questions please have the contact me directly at 717-815-6736 or Thank you. Scott Gyenes, Department of History, York College of Pennsylvania.

    • Hi Scott,

      Sounds like a great topic. I don’t have members but I can make some suggestions for you to follow up and make contacts. First, Contact the folks at and ask them for a list of participating units over the last 2-3 years, preferably with contact info. If they only provide you with a unit list, then go to click on the units individually and try to contact them. This sounds like a great class assignment to be divided up among your students. Many of these reenactors are historians who will be glad to share their knowledge and insights. You may also want to look at newspaper articles from 1863 about the battle to see how it impacted people then.

  11. There is growing civilian interest and groups who like to do living history/reenactments. Check out Facebook for groups such as The Civilian Civil War Closet. If looking in Ohio for civilian info check out The Ohio Civilian Network-Ohio Civil War Reenactors

  12. I am trying to find information for another party on a reenactment unit for Northeastern Utah. There was one that was held around Heber City and Soldier Summit.

    My boss would like to participate in this next year but we can’t find any information on it.

    Would you know any contact information on this or how I would find out who would have the information we are looking for?

    Any help you can give to me would be greatly appreciated.

    • Dianna,

      I just replied to your request from today. Also, you can check with the tourism dept., city hall, and local newspapers in the Heber City and Soldier Summit area. One or more of these sources will likely know what they’ve done in the past and what is upcoming. They will also be able to give you a contact name for participants. You may also want to contact the state tourism board as they often have records of events, especially annual ones, in every town in the state.

  13. Hello all,

    I have a quick question. I’ve been a Civil War enthusiast for years and would like to get into re-enacting. I’m from the Piedmont of North Carolina and would be looking at doing civilian impersonations. What would you recommend as the best regiment to join? I’ve seen quite a bit about both the 26th and 49th North Carolina, but it’s hard to tell which one would be the most active, or would be the most welcoming to women.

    Your advise would be welcomed!

    Thank you,


  14. Greetings everyone,

  15. To who it my concern, I am the recruiting officer for the 61st Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry Company A based in around the Gettysburg and Hanover, PA areas. We too are currently recruiting for the upcoming season and have come across your wonderful website and compilation of units. Please feel free to add our information to your site to help us recruit and get the knowledge out there.

    • John,

      Thanks for letting me know about these two groups. I have added them to the states and to the regional organizations lists. Please check them to be sure they open properly in both places. Let me know if there are individual units within these groups with websites that you would like listed separately under the states.

  16. Hey, I’m from Bucks County, PA and was thinking if there is any nearby good Union civil war reenactment regiments? Thanks!

  17. Hello! Excellent site! I emailed to get my unit on the list…but I wanted to add this.

  18. This is a very well done website for local reenactment groups . Thank you.

  19. I am looking for units in the mid-atlantic area (pref northern harford county or lower PA/MD).

  20. Does anyone know of any Union reenactment groups in Richmond, Va? Moved here 4 yrs ago and would love to get into it again. Thanks!

  21. Spy that does not lie

    I am the spy and I do not lie. I was told to say that to you by a man who served as a reenacter 15 years ago. I was told that if I ride up on any battlefield my name and story would be known. As proof I give you my record

  22. Hi, I am going to school fall-spring in Northern Utah, and am wondering if there are any reenactment groups based around there. (Especially close to Provo or Peyson) I’ve had trouble finding a group that is close enough to my university and apartment.

  23. Hi. I’m looking for regiment near me in Southern Illinois. I take schooling that ends in May and would be available then until August.

  24. I moved from Florida, where I was a huge member within the reenactments down there (I was a personal currier for the main General), and am looking into starting back up here in Indiana if there are any. If anyone could give me some information as to whom of which I would speak to become a currier or anything rather that deals with my horse(s) and I, I would greatly appreciate it! I prefer to be emailed, as I check it on a daily basis so anyone with info, please feel free to send me a message!

  25. I’m looking to get into the hobby of reanactments but I don’t know if any groups are active in my area.I live near Fort Worth Texas.Thanks for any help.

  26. I live in Gloucester Va and I was wondering if there is any groups around here????????

  27. Kristine Tennant

    Hello Marty – I am in search as a viewer (not participating) of a reinactment event this summer in the Indianapolis or southern Illinois areas. Is there a webpage you could direct me to that has a listing of reinactment events for the year? I especially would like to learn anything I can about the 43rd Illinois Infantry. Wondering if there are any reinactments in the area where those men came from (st louis, Belleville). Thank you so much for your help!

  28. Hello im justin kimbrell im wanting to join a reanactment team if possible i live in pauldibg county ga

  29. Greetings from New Brunswick Canada and Company I, 20th Maine. We represent the 1000+ Atlantic born (Canadian) British Colonials who served in numerous Maine regiments during the Civil War. We work closely with Company B, 20th Maine from the northern border region of the State of Maine.

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