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Hi, my name is Marty and I would like to introduce myself.

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Greetings from the mountains!

I became interested in the Civil War as a young boy growing up in Mississippi.  I remember a parade through downtown Jackson with men dressed as Confederate soldiers and I was fascinated.  I had to have a uniform that Christmas and a set of Civil War plastic soldiers.   Many a Sunday afternoon I spent in the Vicksburg National Military Park playing on the cannons and imagining the thousands of men who fought there.

As I grew older I became a voracious reader of history and biographies, many of them pertaining to the Civil War. As a Boy Scout I hiked trails at military parts at Vicksburg, Grand Gulf, and Shiloh. As I grew older still and went to college and then did graduate work, these interests were put aside but not forgotten.

Over the years I worked in a variety of jobs including sales, marketing, management, woodworking, etc. I met and married my wonderful wife Theresa in 1990 in Houston, Texas. While there, we went to an event one weekend and saw a group of Confederate reenactors. This became the beginning of my connection with the 1st Texas Regiment, Hood’s brigade.

For several years, I marched with this great bunch of reenactors, meeting monthly for drill and going to events. I learned how to march and follow commands, eat and sleep as men in the Civil War had done. Job changes, health issues, and relocation to Western North Carolina brought an end for me to that group, but not my love for reenacting or Civil War history.

Moving to the mountains in 2004, I found the 26th North Carolina Regiment. These were serious, meticulous reenactors who willingly accepted me and invited me to spend a very a special weekend at Gettysburg. Unfortunately my health and job situation did not allow me to continue.

Over the years I have purchased and read over 150 books on various aspects of the Civil War and it continues to fascinate me. Like all history buffs, I am still learning, for this period of our history had so much going on at the same time that it is hard to grasp all the layers and details.

I invite you to join me upon this adventure of learning who we are as a people by understanding this important period in our nation’s history. Reenacting is fun, exciting, and challenging. It is a way to understand history by experiencing it. This is something that the whole family can do and share together.  I look forward to hearing your comments.

Blessings always,




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  1. Great site. I also love history! thank you for sharing your interesting site.

  2. Hi Marty,

    What a wonderful site!

    This is a subject that is dear to my heart though I do not begin to possess or retain the knowledge of it as my fiance does.

    I think if the two of you were to ever meet you would be lost in conversation for hours, lol!

    I have yet to see a reenactment due to circumstances of life, but I will yet make it to one or hopefully more then one!

    God’s Blessings to you,

    Christa ????

  3. Enjoyed this site .Hope you are Well ,,, I retire in June 2015

    • Good to hear from you. Enjoy that retirement and keep checking back to my websites. I always appreciate comments, so stay in touch. – Marty

  4. Hi Marty,Although I live a long way from the USA I still find that era of history very interesting.Good work



    • Thanks Bruce, I’m glad you enjoyed the site and I hope you’ll come back soon. I’m in the process of adding some new materials. I’ve always enjoyed history as well.

  5. Hi Marty,

    I want to attend a reenactment. If you could choose only one, which one would you choose? Also my ancestors fought for the Union and the Confederacy from Tennessee—the Kingston area. Any recommendations for reenactments in that area?



  6. My name is Samuel I’m with my dad and I was wondering what is the lowest age to be able to help.

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